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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Abused husband must find safety ---now

An Excerpt from Daily Record Newspaper about a fearful husband and response from AMY.


  I recently remarried after 16 years of a first marriage, which ended because of an act of infidelity by my former wife.

I stayed in that marriage too long because of my overwhelming love for my kids.

My current wife and I have been married a little more than a year, and while i knew she had trust and self-esteem issues, I never imagines what i woud have to edure.

My wife is enormously jealous and accuses me of improprieties  in our marriage, even though i have gone out of my way to show her how much i love her and that she can trust me.

I have given her all my passowrds to all my e-mail accounts and access to my company comoyuter and cell phone. I call her all the time, especially when i travel on business to show her i have nothing to hide and love her.

Her jealously and have turned to violent rage, and on several occasions she physically attacked me.

One incident required the police, which led to her arrest due to the injuries I suffered. A court order required her to attend an anger management program, but she has attacked me twice since.

Despite her attacks I never raised my hands to her an simply let her beat me, because she told me how a former boyfriend hit her, and i said i would never do that.  We attended counseling, but our problems have grown worse. I don’t knwo what to do.

Fearful husband


Leave this relationship immediately. You are being emotionally and physically abused, and you should leave for your own safety. If there are children in the house, get them out too.

Develop a safety plan.

Find a friend to stay with, pack your documents , valuables and some clothing without your wife’s knowledge, and leave the home.

The Domestic Abuse Helpline for Men and Women has content specifically oriented toward men who are being abused. Your response to this abuse ---- to try to tough it out ----is sadly common for men who are victims of domestic violence.

Please check the organization’s web site:

Call the hlp line for further assitance:  888-743-5754


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

GetJat tips for Aspisring Mobile App Entrepreneurs

App store downloads will reach 6.67 billion per year in 2014, a forecast  by market research fiorm Frost & Sullivan.

More than half a billion iPhone and iPod touch application downlaods took place in Q3 2009 alone, Apple’s App Store reported. Apple claims there are more than 125,000 registered dev in its iPhone Developer Program.

Android application project starts increased 94 percent between last spetember and october, according to mobile in-application analytics provider Flurry, a leap attributed to Verizon Wireless launch of Motorola’s Android Droid smartphone.

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Pakistan and Turkey Rail Link Project

Flag of the Economic Cooperation Organization

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Pakistan has started its first international train service from  Islamabad to Istanbul via Iranian capitol, Tehran.

This is 6500km service and its a pilot project of ECO(Economic Cooperation Organization). This project is expected to exponentially improve trade between Turkey and Iran. It is also  supposed to link Pakistan with central Asia and Europe.

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7 year girl sexually abused by New Jersey man

A New Yorker prosecutor says a man from New Jersey has been indicted on charges that he trapped a 7 year old girl in a movie theater bathroom and sexually.

Pintado(guilty) was seen on surveillance video Jan1 leaving the bathroom in the Palisades Center mall in West Nyack just before the girl leaves.

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Military Rushes Bomb-Detection Dogs,Iraq

CBP officer with his explosive detection dog c...

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US military is rapidly delivering bomb-detection dogs to Iraq after several complaints that mechanical devices are ineffective to pinpoint explosives and other search sites.

British authorities banned export of mechanical device, ADE-651, to Iraq and Afghanistan after a BBC report raised serious questions about its ability to detect explosives.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Bear Hunt in New Jersey

Bear hunt is likely to start in New Jersey. Inspite of the opposition from the Bear Education and Resource group. They are claiming that the Fish and Game council has violated the Open Public Meeting Act which allows teh public to attend the meeting.

The Fish and Game council says they have not violated the act but they have not allowed public in subcommittee meeting the act because this is not required by the act. The Fish and Game council has voted in favor of bear hunt with overwhleming majority 7-0.

Hunters are excited that they would get a chance to hunt bears after nearly five years.

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